What Makes Us Different Than Other Photographers?


We Are A Husband-Wife Photography Team

When you're husband and wife, things you do together just work. Not just any two photographers can come together and work as well as a team like a husband-wife team can. We are great communicators and that means we are quick at grabbing what we need and working together to get your photos done quickly and smoothly. 

We Are Teachable

We believe that it's important to constantly learn and develop our craft as well as our business practices. It's always great to learn new techniques to improve what we do. This means that we are constantly becoming better at what we do- and that means your photos will be better!

We Are a Wedding Resource for Couples

We have over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry- and not just with photography! Kalie has been doing hair and make-up for weddings for over 10 years and is well known in the Orlando wedding industry. Nick not only does photography, but contracts out to do video for high end weddings in Central Florida. Together, we've worked closely with pretty much every type of wedding vendor you can think of. We know the top vendors in Central Florida and can connect you to the best. 

We Are there To Make Your Day Better

It's so important to have wedding vendors that are always looking out for what's best for you, and not just themselves. This means working closely with other vendors to make sure we are working well as a team. It also means being very aware of what's going on at all times. There have been plenty of times we've been asked to step in to pin boutonnieres on the groom & groomsmen, touch up hair or make-up, find the DJ to move the reception along, or made sure that the Maid of Honor took care of something the Bride didn't need to be dealing with moments before she walked down the aisle.

We Are Wedding Planners

Well sort of! We always recommend that you hire a professional planning company for your wedding. If having a planner is out of your budget, you should at least have a day of coordinator! So how are we wedding planners? Early on (once we have a confirmed ceremony time) we like to make a suggested timeline to ensure you aren't being rushed around all day, and so we can ensure you are able to get the pictures you need. You likely have not been involved in prepping for a wedding and we want to be the experts for you! Once you have a solid timeline for photography, you'll have a great start on planning the rest of your day.

We Back Up Your Images

Wait, doesn't everyone do this? Sadly, the answer is no! We have heard so many stories of wedding images being lost due to a number of different unfortunate events. Don't let this be your story too! We back up your photos AS we photograph your wedding. Yep! Our cameras write to two card simultaneously, so your photos are being instantly backed up. The minute we get home from your wedding, we import your photos onto two computers, two, external hard drives, and we also have an off site backup. It would take the end of the world to risk losing your photos! We are working on our end of the world backup protocol :)

We Keep Things Simple

You have so much to plan for and so many people to communicate with! We like to make everything as simple and straightforward for you. Our wedding pricing is simple! We offer our base price with our normal wedding day coverage (all day!). You receive all of your images via our amazing online gallery AND receive a print release with it, so you can get prints where and when you'd like. Many photographers will offer you a package that forces you to buy prints from them. This drives up the cost of your package. Also, we like to make booking your wedding with us simple! Everything is done through our secure booking website. You'll be able to build your package, sign your contract, and pay your retainer, all from your computer, tablet, or phone!